Shanawaz Group started slightly more than a decade ago as a one – bus transport service, and with years of perseverance and hard work, has transformed itself into a 400+ buses operation today, spanning the breadth of this great nation of UAE, with offices in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.


I dedicate this success story to all our employees and staff, who have worked tirelessly to achieve set targets and ilestones and have brought Shanawaz Bus Rentals LLC to the forefront of the passenger transportation industry in the UAE. We pride ourselves on the timely delivery of services completely customized to our client’s needs.
I believe that on the outside, our company has grown in size, but on the inside we still think and work like a smaller company. Thinking this way gives us the smaller company perspective, and helps us better manage our clients and keep their trust in us at par.


Going forward, I would like us to stay the course on what we have done so  far,  and at the same time I look forward to implementing better technologies in our businesses that would add to our efficiency, and would also make for easier lives for our customers and other stakeholders.


Mr. Shanawaz Khan, CEO