We believe that as a company we have a certain responsibility to all our stakeholders: from our clients to our employees, from the communities that we live in, to the local governments that govern us. We aim to establish highly ethical business practices that help us ensure we are fulfilling these responsibilities accordingly.


Compliance with all the rules and regulations of the local authorities plays a major part of our business, which enables us to build a strong business that’s grounded in reality.


In addition to the general compliance matters, all our buses are comprehensively insured (subject to the insurance company’s terms and conditions). All the buses that we supply to the Oil and Gas Industry in Abu Dhabi come along with CNIA security permits, which provide for hassle ­‐ free movement across the respective oil and gas fields.


The buses that we provide to schools and universities are all in compliance with the local transport authorities such as RTA, AD ­‐ DOT, ADEC, etc. Sometimes we have exceeded the minimum expectations of governing bodies and this is solely due to our own system of self ­‐ imposed evaluations.